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steel drum ready to ship RECONDITIONING

UNIVERSAL DRUM / ALL TANK provide customers with fleet management of their containers whether they are Drums or IBC's. We store customer owned containers and provide our customers with reconditioning services on an as needed basis. We provide accurate inventory reports for all containers received, processed and shipped. Defective parts are replaced with new components that insure the integrity of all containers we process on our customers behalf. All containers are tested in accordance with Transport Canada Regulations.


Once the useful service life of any container we process has expired, we provide environmentally safe de-identification and destruction of any containers we process that are unfit for further use. This applies to drums and IBC's alike.


Prior to destruction all containers are completely de-contaminated. Open top steel drums are incinerated, tight head steel, plastic drums and IBC's are caustic washed prior to destruction ensuring that the previous lading is completely removed. Our state of the art water treatment facility reduced all contaminants to a solid waste which is disposed of through various environmental companies.