universal drum mississuga


Suppliers of reconditioned containers and services,  UNIVERSAL DRUM Company / ALL TANK is run by the Petrucci family and in addition to its core business it also distributes new industrial packaging.

We can provide your reconditioned drum requirements, provide re-conditioning services and supply you with many of your new containers like steel, fibre and plastic drums & IBC's, new steel & plastic pails.

  • UNIVERSAL DRUM Mississauga facility

    Situated on a 16 acre site our 35,000 square foot facility can recondition 3,000 tight head drums per shift.
  • UNIVERSAL DRUM Toronto facility

    Situated in the west end of Toronto this 25,000 square foot facility runs only open top steel drums (1500 per shift)
    We are the only drum re-conditioner in Ontario with a licensed incinerator.
  • ALL TANK Mississauga facility

    Situated on the same property as the UNIVERSAL DRUM Mississauga facility, the ALL TANK facility has a 13,000 square foot production and storage facility. An additional building is set up solely for the shredding of plastic IBC bottles and plastic drums.